in the summer of 2000 roberto ferri performs at the fano’s festival "the violin and the flint" by the artistic direction of franco battiato.
in the same summer performs as supporter in banda orchestrale ,the show that franco battiato carries around for italy, and in the following season.
he participates at the festival international music in salerno, opening the concert of juliette gréco.
in genova at the memorial dedicated to fabrizio de andré, ferri is invited to contribute with the major italian songwriters (celentano, rossi, battiato,sugar, mannoia, jovanotti, vanoni)presenting the romance of marinelle in french version, song that translates and sings.
realizes cd of songs, french classics and of italian contemporary songwriters (de andré, battiato, rossi), which translates and sings in french language.
october, november and december 2001 is engaged in a tour of shows, organized by french cultural associations for the defence of language, france, belgium, canada, switzerland and atlantic islands.

proposes songs of french authors in language and original italian songs in french.
in 2002 participates in conferences at san remo premium tenco about lirycs translation.

involved in the 2003 at fano’s festival, evening dedicated to chansonniers.
in the autumn of that year, the foundation de andré publishes de andré live cd of memorial, “faber fragile friend”.

ferri there interprets the romance of marinelle, its french version of the famous song of fabrizio de andré.

months pass and roberto port around for italy his concert and provides a continuous renewal.

it is accompanied by his jazz trio led by alessandro altarocca.

he’s on the market with marinelle et le chat and, more recently, with if by chance the illness… both recorded live.

other artists sing his songs: celentano with lunfardia, morandi with life teaches us to live.. and burns the heart, alexia sings as you want me, from broadcasting friends..federico and giulia sing as nice to have 20 years.

soon ferri will come out with a new live cd and a project with other important and interesting artists.

“Ti amo anche se non so chi sei” ("I love you even though I do not know who you are") (Centosuoni / Edel) produced and made by Marinella and Roberto Ferri with the support ,and under  artistic supervision, of Franco Battiato. The aim is to disseminate, through the music, if possible, the culture of organ donation in a very dramatic moment for transplants. In fact in the last two years donations have been a widespread decline on a national scale with easily imaginable consequences. The participation in this project was massive: Lucio Dalla, Pia, Franco Battiato, Fiorella Mannoia, Iskra, Roberto Ferri Marco Alemanno, Ron, Vincenzo Capezzuto, Massimo Ranieri, Sepideh Raissadat, Piccolo Coro "Mariele Ventre" of Antoniano, Maddy Cattaneo, Alessandro Altarocca, Florence Donovan, Gianni Morandi, Fabrizio de Andrè, Ivano Fossati, Anna Mazzamauro, Giuseppe Barbera are the "Artists for organ donation" to which you add the name of Grégory Lemarchal, the famous French artist with cystic fibrosis who died in 2007 at just 23 years waiting for a lung transplant, here at the beginning of the CD with his greatest success "SOS d’un  terrien en détresse."
Twelve tracks on the album (11 songs and the famous TOTO’s poem “’A Livella” , recited by Anna Mazzamauro, on a sound carpet of Franco Battiato) that contain a number of masterpieces completely rearranged as" Anime Salve "of De Andrè, "La Cura" of Battiato, “E dimmi che non vuoi morire” ("And tell me you do not want to die") by Vasco Rossi and Gaetano Curreri (in an interesting and unusual cover in the English translation of which was edited by Roberto Ferri, already co-author of the Italian version) and especially “Com’é profondo il mare”("How deep is the sea") by Lucio Dalla. The plurality of voices gives new attention and take part in the famous verses of the song, provides too of a stimulating style of work. "How deep is the sea" will convey in this first phase, the communication of the project with the assistance of a video track, a small jewel of the animated film, produced by Gabriel Zagni. No less interesting are the unusual (some compounds from the same Ferri and Robert Pack) and emblematic “Ti amo anche se non so chi sei” ("I love you even if you do not know who you are" );words that should be the basis of a culture of giving, a song declined with great sensitivity and poetic intensity by Massimo Ranieri.
Roberto Ferri, producer of the CD along with his wife Marinella, well knows the reality of transplants being himself a transplanted liver since five years. In the light of this experience, together with his wife, is devoting his newfound life as a man and as an artist to raise awareness of issues related to the shortage of organs, first of all the long waiting lists.
Issues that for certain pathologies very widespread in the nature of the emergency, such as in the field of liver diseases. Two and a half million people in Italy are suffering from hepatitis B and C, while more than two million are those that manifest cirrhosis and / or cancer from alcohol abuse. The figures relating to deaths then by war bulletin: more than 21,000 a year.
Just in favor of research devoted to the study and treatment of liver diseases, the proceeds from the sale of the CD-net of expenses-will be donated to those medical and scientific organizations specialized in this field. In particular, they gave the patronage to the initiative AISF - Italian Association for the Study of the Liver; FIRE-Italian Foundation for Research in Hepatology, the 'ANTF National Association of Transplanted Liver "G.Gozzetti" Onlus - Epac Onlus.

 "Tutta colpa dell’Amore" (Centosuoni / Emons - Audio-book) founded on the initiative of Marinella and Roberto Ferri. The aim is to disseminate, through music, if possible, the culture of organ donation in a very dramatic moment for transplants. This audio-book  makes people aware of the importance of organ donation as an opportunity to save lives, unfortunately, when a life is gone. In fact, even run unfounded rumors that the organs can be taken in patients who still have a chance to recover (completely false news), but for this reason, and in partially understandable, atavistic fear of talking about death, still meet opposition to the possible donation. This means that in recent years in Italy donations are not increased (in fact, slightly decrease) resulting in inability to save lives through heart transplant or liver or lungs.
Participations in this project are very important : Nabil Salameh, Debora Caprioglio, Ivana Barcellesi, Florian Picq, Visci Lorenzo, Marco Alemanno, Lucio Dalla, Alda D'Eusanio, Claudio Borgianni, Matteo Belli, Barbara Henrys, Ezio Alessio Gensini, Morgane Girardin , Erri de Luca, Felice del Gaudio, Pierre Julien Echeveste, Irene Bellini, Tiziana Proto, Adelaide Gallo, Elizabeth Pasquali, Martina Maurizzi, Marinella Ferri, Andrea "Otto" Saved, Luke Bignardi, Joseph Donnici, Rose Marie Lagana, Leonardo Santoli, Daniela Boccadoro, Anton Berovski, Carla Gravina, Joseph Barbera, Alessandro Altarocca, Michele Gammino, Francesco Villella, Roberto Costa, Gabriel Zagni, Eleonora Brigliadori, Aldo Azzaro, Piera Degli Esposti, Dacia Maraini, Catherine, Franco Battiato, Valeria Ianniello, Marco Ferri, Luca Barbarossa, Mogul, Vasily Biserov, Federico Aicardi, Marco Marcheselli, Iskra, Manlio Sgalambro.